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Dance Extravaganza

ultra show

Tayo Reed  BAND     Dance     Ultra  Show

Buyers are hiring the next best option for corporate events, which are National Acts worldwide like the Tayo Reed Band Dance Ultra Show with 30 mesmerizing performers, that has celebrity STAR power and the "X" Factor " based on one essential events element, THE ULTRA SHOW that's more than just a band, but a customized stage production with over 50 themes to select from, tributes, and 200 costumes perfect for any special events, festival, casino, opening act, or concert.  Entertainment Veteran, Tayo Reed is the Force behind the most in demand Universal Entertainment.  Tayo Reed has Directed, Produced, Choreographed, Stylized, and casted, diverse top of the line entertainers audiences absolutely love. The Tayo Reed Band Dance Ultra show has been tired tested proven to be a show under priced but well worth the booking fees. With a budget of $80,000 - $170,000 doesn't come near the cost of the most famous artists.  Corporate businesses and event venues can still get the same results in having an exceptional event with National Acts from Universal Party Experts.  We can produce GRANDE upscale shows just for you, the way YOU want it and how YOU want it!

Here are some facts regarding cost to book some artists.  The booking fees for Adele, Beyonce, Barbra Streisand, Bruno Mars, Bruce Springsteen, Rihanna, Jennifer Lopez, Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Dave Matthews, James Taylor, Justin Bieber, Justin Timberlake, Madonna and Taylor Swift for  $100,000,000+

  • Bon Jovi - $1 million 

  • Bruce Springsteen - $1 million 

  • Dave Matthews - $1 million 

  • James Taylor - $1 million 

  • Madonna - $1 million 

  • No Doubt - $500,000 to $750,000+

  • Faith Hill - $500,000+

  • Foo Fighters - $500,000+

  • Green Day - $500,000+

  • Tim McGraw - $500,000+

  • Keith Urban - $400,000 to $600,000+

Top veteran Talent Buyers are no longer fooled thinking an National Act, being the first or being in entertainment 100 years with experience, is the only ones qualified to get the job done, or is equivalent to the best, or more relevant, this is simply not true. Before, Artists like Barbra Streisand, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Micheal Jackson, Beyonce, Adele  and James Brown were discovered by someone who gave them an opportunity with a vision, they were still great performers with a BIG talent, unknown. Before bands and acts like Journey, U2, The Temptations, Supremes, NSync, Jackson 5, became celebrities theses bands were great bands performing everywhere but not a lot of experience until introduced to the world. 


Buyers currently are more interested in who can deliver the best STAGE SHOW that's SUPER ENTERTAINING. We are a Global Act and to some still unknown but it doesn't change the facts, we are exceeding beyond fortune 500 companies expectations.  The Expert Buyers discovered that booking the right talent is a home run every time.  We have made an impact on our local level and have excelled nationally exceeding every Buyers expectations.

Talent Buyers, we will NOT brag about all the CELEBRITIES and HIGH END clients we have worked with "which are many," or bore you by boasting about our increased revenue that doubled this year or toot our own horn about our established skilled crew, artists, and production team. We refuse to degrade other National Acts to make us seem more superior. However, we welcome a consultation for more details about our entertainment. Email the Band Manager.


Talent Buyers, we FOCUS on what matters the absolute most! "Supplying YOU with whatever you need, an EXPERIENCE of QUALITY and superb services in excellence!"

  1. Providing YOU World Class Entertainment that will compliment your events, conventions,or conferences.

  2. Perfecting all the details from production event music, stage show, and event ideas

  3. Resulting in a FLAWLESS Tayo Reed, Queen Of Party Bands®, Event Experience that's undeniable

All the Universal Party Band® are super hype and super entertaining cover bands worldwide, so what makes the Global Trailblazers, Tayo Reed Band Dance Ultra Show different?




We have UNLIMITED OPTIONS and YOU Customize your event entertainment from music selection (ANY GENRE. WE PLAY.) , costumes, and spectacular introduction and explosive way to end the special event. Sounds good thus far....wait there's more!


YOUR Special Event will be continual music played for 6.5 hours of ULTRA fun!  You are hiring the #1 Most Diverse Corporate Entertainment and Events Party Show Band in the USA. We are a celebrity band with A-List members up to 30 musicians, singers, dancers, and specialty acts. 


Get ready for hours of dancing to YOUR favorite songs, hit after hit.  YOU will also have a celebrity choreographer who will make your event amped like a concert but without the intermission.  Our very own, Band Manager,Show Producer, Stylist, Visionary and Queen of Party Band® Miss Tayo Reed, specializes in producing high end events entertainment. Tayo Reed has been compare to Icon Tina Turner and Icon Beyonce. A talent rare and hard to find, creating the most special and memorable event ever!


Dancing with the stars!

Professional Fires Dancers,

Ballet Dancers, Belly Dancers,

Burlesque dancers, Carnival

and Samba Dancers.

Become a Super Star! Sing with the band on stage your favorite song. Sing to your guests and be a Rock Star!

Have the most Entertaining Mistress of Ceremonies, Tayo Reed. Super Star of WCW, NFL, and NBA stunning as Beyonce and Tina Turner or Master of Ceremonies. All performers has traveled the world with many celebrities and shows on tours. Tell us more about your event.

Incorporate a New Orleans marching band or our dynamic Brass Band as the introduction of the CEO or employees entering the event for the first time.

Request any theme or idea. We have hundreds of costumes!

SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE ? Spotlight Feature

  • Select your department heads or members attending the event

  • Have a maximum of 4 groups any size

  • Create our own dance routine as a group or

  • Free style as a group or select your best dancer to represent

  • Create a fabulous name of your

  • The day of the event we will a designate time to feature

  • You can have prizes to give winners to present on stage

  • or just participate for fun. This must be videoed for great memories.

  • If you want to take it to the next level add costumers!

  • Also if you need help with dance moves we will teach your virtually.

Entertainment for your cocktail hour, dinner music, and after party!


Consider ending your event with a BANG ADD Confetti Explosions!!! Ask The Band Manager about this most popular option!


You will be booking a upscale band who have toured, performed and worked with many celebrities:  James Brown, Whitney Houston, Tyler Perry, Ted Turner,

band members

       $$$$$$$$ - High End

  • 14 - 30 Piece Band

  •  Meet Band Manger

  • Customized Songlist

  • Unlimited Options

  • 5 - 6.5 Hours

  • 7 Vocalists

  • Non Stop


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