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2017 How to have the

Do you know anyone thinking about MILE STONE BIRTHDAY PARTIES  for their"Sweet 16 Debutante, 18th Birthday Party, Celebrating 21st Birthday, 25th Birthday Bash, or Decade Parties 30th , 40th, and 50th Birthdays. If so, Awesome! This is for you or the person you know.


Wohoo! It's party time! Birthday or Private Theme Parties. The day you get to celebrate just being you or celebrate someone else.  A good party idea is to have celebrities greet your guests who are celebrity look a-likes. How cool is that?  The celebrity guests can host your party, greet your guests, give auto-graphs  and sing live with a jammin party band. Just imagine this, if you can not afford to spend millions on your actual celebrity to be there, HIRE the next big thing!  Your birthday will be fantastic.  How awesome is that! OK, Let's imagine again, a tribute from Ike and Tina Turner, Elvis, Michael Jackson, Cher, Beyonce, Supremes, or any celebrity walking among your gets dressed like your favorite celebrity.  What star do you want to rock your party? The Queen of Party Bands™ is here like your Jeannie to give you three wishes.  #1 Consider Universal Party Bands (UPB) for the answer. UPB has Celebrity Party Bands that will come dressed like any celebrity you wish! Make you wish now...Done! Great...now lets make it reality. Start your planning click here.


Think outside the box! UPSCALE DINNER PARTIES can be a little uptight or too formal sometimes. If you are having a Gala you can still let down your hair and maintain your sophistication. When you decide to throw a dinner party come to "The Party Queen™...Ok its official, you have a date for your special event. Now what?  Here are some dinner party ideas and tips to get you started: Classy Ballerinas , Sword Dancers, Burlesque Dancers or Carnival  dancing to soft classical music or music of your choice, in the background to a Jazz or classical live band or string trio or quartet to set the atmosphere of elegance at its best. The super star band will be dressed in tuxedos and bow ties. WAIT!!!!!!! I know what you are thinking. Jazz? Classical Music? Dancers? You want to party, instead of having upscale national entertainment. No problem! Here's another Party idea for any type of event with dinner, is to have a Party Band make a grand entrance playing whatever style music you wish and totally wow your guests.  Not just a cover band, party show bands are much more explosive with their dance moves and live music to come out during cocktail hour at the end of the dinner to surprise your guests with something special like a Fire Act or Belly Dancing for 10 - 15 minutes. A superb way to end your dinner or take the night to the next level.


The Live Party Bands have become the most poplar among millionaires events, celebrity events, Philanthropists,  military events, corporate events, special events, and weddings who have Party Planners and Wedding Planners.  But having the typical cover band, that just stand on stage and sing, is not enough to take your event to the next level. Event Planners , Brides and individuals now realize they need Party Bands Super stars, The Icons of Party Bands to have an exceptional EXPERIENCE!  The question is where do you fine the Supers Stars, of the Party Bands Industry, who are In demand and sought out annually by Event Planners, Party Planners, and Corporate Entertainment. Are the affordable? In my professional opinion, you get what you pay for.  When you want to plan a vacation and you can not afford it, you simply save for that vacation or cruise because its worth the investment. But on the other hand, would you travel any where just because its cheaper? Hmmmm.....Food for thought.  To be totally honest, I don't think anyone really want to settle for the second best thing.


As a Entertainment Consultant, Event Producer, and a Party Band Super Star. I know the secrets to having a successful party that does not fizzle out half way. Its an honor to be called, the 1st Lady of Party Bands, for continuing to create masterpieces, a party extravaganza, turning events into Iconic Parties. I am passionate about every event  and party.  It costs me thousands of dollars to have the best quality sound and lighting, the best performers,  the best costumes to match our Star Quality, and its costs to be physically fit, to be able, to do a high energy show that is three hours non stop. The high end party ideas would be party bands with specialty acts  that are show style concert bands.


For a moderate budget you may want to consider these party ideas: Come dressed in your Alter Ego which is a lot of fun to see what are your friends Alter Ego, hire A DJ to play songs for a Theme Party in any decade you love. You and your guests can come dressed in costumes or fashions during that time period, and to spice it up use decorations that also will compliment your theme.  Hire a magician as a highlight for the night.  For more party ideas email, or for additional event options to make a party sensational listed online, read more Party Ideas  Click Here


Queen of Party Bands™

Tayo Reed









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2017 How to have the

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