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At Universal Party Bands®

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Tayo Reed, "The Queen of Party Bands™ ",is the hardest working female in Party Bands and CEO of Universal Party Bands™ Management and Tayo Reed's Performing Arts Center for 20 years. She has toured with Legendary Icon, the God Father of Soul, Mr. James Brown, for four years, traveled the country performing on a  United States and European tour for eight years with MCA Records National Super Star, Pebbles, Whitney Houston, and James Brown. She was also in a corporate band for five years, and during this entire time from 1998 to date pursuing Country Music, a Executive Producer and Band Manager currently. Reed says, "I have the best of both worlds on and off stage. I get to live my dream on stage by sharing my gift, making people happy, creating unforgettable memories, and build a great relationship with every clients off stage before their special event!"


Through hard work, perseverance, and pursuing her passion, in 2012 the "Tayo Reed Band" was the 1st band created that became a premiere Party Band for weddings and social events of every kind. Entertainment, corporate and fundraising events immediately followed. In 2013, She decided to expand her brand by naming all the other bands after herself.  She auditioned and hand selected every musician and singers for the Tayo Reed Explosion "Big Swing Band," Simply Tayo Band, The Tayo City Rockers Band and Tayo Reed Extravaganza up to 25 + performers including dancers.  In 2016, Tayo Reed evolved into  a Mega Super Star, as the most entertaining, Party Band female, of all times, from her 30 years singing, dancing and choreographing productions and shows. Read more about the "Ultra Tayo" on that page.

In her own words, "My LOVE for serving people planning an event, drives me to work 24/7. I am very details and hands on,  to make sure every band accommodates clients, dressed elegantly in tuxedos for the males and tailored, name brand, sequin dresses, for the ladies or customized costumes to fit the event. I demand promptness from every entertainer at the event and rehearsals. Every performer has the vision of excellence and work just as hard in rehearsal as on stage at the special event."


"I established Universal Party Bands™ once I had numerous testimonials from weddings and corporate clients over the years that named our bands a "World Class Act". We are the first Party Bands that do not have to hire a outside choreographer because all our musicians and singers are triple threats. Everyone sings, dances (As seen on TV/ Professional Dancers), and play an instrument or does a specialty act. We are the unmatched "All in one bands" literally because my goal was to create diverse bands, the caliber of any Vegas Shows, any Major Celebrity concerts, and be the universal bands that can rock country music to R&B to Swing Music to Pop Music to Rock music and any other genre, with the genre dance moves. When you put all our attributes together, it equals to , "We are the party!" "

"Tayo is beyond fabulous and truly knows how to throw an outstanding time!Along with her band members, she displayed beautiful charisma, respect, professionalism, and good energy! My wedding was the best our town has seen in quite some time thanks to the SIMPLY TAYO BAND! As the Bride she made me feel so special and at one point I got to go dance a solo on stage...it was awesome! AND might I add her two male singers were quite charming and never stopped singing, moving, and smiling! MO-TOWN at its finest!! I look forward to throwing another event where I can use them again because I loved them so much!!!! HIGHLY recommend them!!! TAYO THANK YOU!!!! -Danielle xo, Ocala, FL

“ I have been to many weddings in the past 15-20 years of my life and this was one of the most important things in my budget. Hands down The Tayo Reed band was the best band ever and I am not just saying this because they were my band. They were the most professional, flexible, excellent communication and exceptional service I have received to date. I would recommend The Tayo Reed Band to any bride or groom looking to make their most important day the best ever!-Anne Thompson ”


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